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New EPICS Framework installer for Mac OS X. 

The new EPICS Framework installer includes:

  • headers and PowerPC binaries for both EPICS 3.14.7 and
  • EDM binaries including the Startmap application
  • latest version of the EPICS Framework for building Cocoa applications on the Mac


QtCATool is a CA client program with GUI interface. QtCATool provides next possibilities

  • Epics client environment parameters (EPICS_CA_ADDR_LIST ...)
  • connection/disconnection to a PV
  • parameters of the PV
  • PV's CA (data type, count, ioc name, access)
  • PV's type "RTYP"
  • all possible PV's fields. It depends from PV's type.
  • get PV scalar or array value(s), alarm severity and status, timestamp
  • put new scalar or array value(s) to the PV
  • monitor PV scalar or array value(s), alarm severity and status, timestamp
  • message about each action.

GUI is based on Qt library and program works on Linux, Max and Windows. We use Epics 3.14.7 and Qt 4.0.1. In this time we can provide source code (no binary). The program is developed by Andrei Liyu. More information

Reports Online

Reports Online for Control Systems is a part of the Control Systems website. This reporting system consists of Web-based client applications for retrieving controls data from the SNS Oracle database. The applications are written in Java Server Pages and are platform independent.

At the moment IOC configuration reports have been created. Other types configuration reports will be added in the future.

ROCS is developed by Ernest Williams and Katia Danilova

ArchiveViewer 1.0

The EPICS ArchiveViewer is an extensible, multi-threaded client application for processing archived EPICS data.

It is written in pure Java™ and is thus platform independent (JRE1.4.2 or higher is required). The application can be extended in two ways. On the one hand, it is designed to support different archive servers . On the other hand, new exporters/plotting widgets can be added.
This is an EPICS Extensions project for developers interested in having cutting-edge clients for their archive servers.

The original ArchiveViewer team consisted of Craig McChesney, Peregrine McGehee, and Sergei Chevtsov.

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