Magnet Mapping (SplineFit) Program

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The SplineFit program has been developed by K. Danilova during her internship at SNS, ORNL in 2003-2004. The program idea and requirements has been suggested by John Galambos, who also mentored the work. The program is written in pure Java. To get more information or run the program please use the links next to the picture.

General description

A SplineFit program is developed to provide the means to visually analyze data sets taken from EXCITAION_CURVE and MAG_SPLINE tables (SNS technical database) by presenting the data in a graphical form.

The program calculates a fit for a selected magnet using a normal cubic spline algorithm (Press, William H. et al, Numerical Recipes in FORTRAN 77: The Art of Scientific Computing, 2nd ed., p.109 ), and draws a spline curve based on the calculated values. Removing/adding points of a selected magnet is allowed, and a new spline curve is drawn based on the new set of points. The user can save the set of points in the MAG_SPLINE table and a data file.

The program allows working with a family of magnets (magnets related to the same power supply) which is automatically selected from the database. It calculates average data for such a group of magnets and draws spline curves for the group members as well as an average spline. The average data calculated for the family can be saved in the MAG_SPLINE table and a data file. The user can look at individual/group/average spline curves in B(I) or I(B) modes. B(I) and I(B) radio buttons are provided to switch between modes. A graph area is located in the upper part of the panel. All buttons and text fields are located in the bottom. The user interacts with the program by mouse clicking.


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