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For SNS users, the Control System Studio Data Browser is the preferred way to access both the 'old' and the Oracle-based SNS archive. The java ArchiveViewer described here is limited to accessing the 'old' archive which has been discontinued in July 2009.

The EPICS ArchiveViewer is an extensible, multi-threaded client application for processing archived EPICS data.

It is written in pure Java™ and is thus platform independent (J2SE 5.0 or higher is required). The application can be extended in two ways. On the one hand, it is designed to support different archive servers . On the other hand, new exporters/plotting widgets can be added.
Version 1.0 is released.
This is an EPICS Extensions project for developers interested in having cutting-edge clients for their archive servers.

The original EPICS ArchiveViewer team consisted of Craig McChesney, Peregrine McGehee, and Sergei Chevtsov.

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Created by Sergei Chevtsov (chevtsov@slac.stanford.gov)

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