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Java EPICS Rdb Interface (JERI)


Microsoft Word Overview document on the design considerations and features of JERI


JERI is written as a Java application and uses Java Web Start for deployment. JERI can be executed on any OS that has the Java Runtime Environment 1.4.2 installed.  Java Web Start, which is included in the JRE, enables JERI updates to be available using a standard Web server. Each time JERI is started, Web Start will check the web server to see if there is a new version, and if so it will download the updates.  This gives JERI the flexibility and web accessibility of a Java Applet but without the Applet restrictions.  JERI is available on the ICS srv-02 and accl1 LINUX servers.  Type jeri at the command line.  To install JERI on a Windows or LINUX workstation use the links below.

Download Java 1.4.2 JRE and Web Start

Once the JRE is installed JERI can be installed through the URL below.  If installing on Windows execute the install through Internet Explorer (IE).

Launch JERI

JERI allows access to both the SNS development and production Oracle databases.  You must have a ORNL UCAMS account and an SNS Oracle database account to log into JERI.  If you do not have a UCAMS account but would like to evaluate JERI, you can use the read-only guest/guest account to run JERI against the development database.


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Updated Friday, November 14, 2003