Channel Archiver

The Channel Archiver was one of the archiving toolsets for EPICS.

Note the I have stopped working on the Channel Archiver. The binary file format was no longer maintainable at the SNS, which is why we transitioned to a system that stores the data in a relational database (Oracle, MySQL, Postgres) with tools based on Java (Eclipse, CSS).

For more on CSS and the new archive tools, see

The old Channel Archiver sources have been moved to GitHub because other members of the EPICS collaboration have expressed interest in porting it to 64 bit etc.:

Note to SNS Users

See Channel Archiver is no longer in use at the SNS.

The new archive system, based on Oracle or MySQL and Java, is part of the SNS CSS developments, see "Archiver" on this page:

For SNS users, details are on the SNS Wiki,


In July 2009, the SNS stopped using the Channel Archiver and its binary file format. Both the old data and the new Oracle-based data is accessible via the CSS data browser, but the old binary data files are no longer extended. See CSS documentation,

From about July 2006 the SNS used version 2.9, which included a major re-write of the ArchiveEngine. In March 2006 we changed the overall setup to separate "sampling" from "serving" computers as described in the "Example Setup" section of the current manual, but we are still collecting more data than we can handle.


See manual.pdf included in the 'manual' subdirectory of the sources or check the snapshot given below.


People with access to the SNS CVS repository at ORNL might prefer to look there.
For non-SNS collaborators, some snapshots are available here:

Related Sources

StripTool is primarily a "live" Channel Access client, see
"History" modules allow StripTool to access ChannelArchiver samples in addition to Channel Access data.
There used to be a preliminary history plug-in for StripTool 2-4 and It worked somewhat but had the following issues: Striptool has a GUI button for archiver configuration, but the Strip-History API does not allow customization of that dialog (which is specific to the DESY data server). Ideally, the StripHistory API would include a "ShowHistoryConfig" method where the ChannelArchiver data source could be configured (server URL, archive, request method).
The StripHistory API lists support for async operation via FETCH_PENDING, but it's not implemented inside StripTool. All requests for history data will therefore cause delays in the operation of StripTool.
It might not be a good idea to use the current StripTool with history data access.

The following is a copy of a previous StripTool release, including glue code for the R3.13.x ChannelArchiver. It will not work with the new XML-RPC data server.